Our service center is ready to serve the costumers needs, in order to provide a support and protection to their business and providing functionality of the manufacturing process on the highest level. The flexibility of our service department accordingly to the needs of the customers empowers a choice of service and support which is most appropriate of their needs. The opportunity of 24/7/365 technical availability should provide additional guarantee  and reliability to our costumers for the quality of our services.

The service team of DIL KOM is high qualified and alertness for solving the hardest and most complicated problems in terms of comressors. Our team involves certificated engineers  and technicians  for the compressors models of : TAMSAN, TRUDBENIK DOBOJ e.t.c. 

Our gained “Hands-on” practical experience, continuous education, team work while solving complex problems including diverse levels of support are fact  that allow our customers to recognize confidence  reliability in the eyes of our company and capability to manage any kind of issue.

The service center of DIL KOM possess certain amount of supply of spare parts and equipment  that allows us on time and precise service of any kind of problems at any time which is very important for us to ensure a continuously and fully functional working of every our client company .

The  capacity, capabilities and professional expertise of the service team of DIL KOM is what makes us recognizable as a company with capacity  for maintenance of every kind of compressors, with a different king of performances or capacity. DIL KOM has gained lot of certificates and accreditation  participating  a lot  of seminars and signed partnerships with numbers of foreign companies  recognized in the whole world that authorized us for selling and servicing their products.

It would be our privilege to serve Your company to the best of our abilities!